What hardware do I need for Quenu ?


The recommend setup is:

Fibre Broadband Installation with a Wifi..

2 Pcs/Laptops/Pads with HDMI outputs, one in the kitchen and one by a hosting station or till point. They should also have sound enabled as the system alerts when there are orders or a guest uses 'Call the Waiter' feature.

Mobile phone if using WhatsApp for ordering, usually with the Manager or Head Chef.

Depending on budget, having a large screen in the kitchen for viewing the Order Page improves efficiency.


What is the best size for Food images ?


Recommended: 300w  x 200h

File Size: Up to 40kbs for fast loading





You can cancel your Quenu subscription up 7 days before the month. There are no refunds for the part of the month that's current.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open a ticket here with the subject 'Cancellation'
  2. In the message section add the email address you registered with and the date you want your account cancelled.
  3. When you reach that date, go to your Quenu control panel, select your profile (top right hand corner of the page) and delete your account.

We will acknowledge your cancellation ticket and the process will start. You maybe charged for the following month if you do not raise a ticket and there are no refunds.


Having problems with Google location settings ?


The Google system can be confusing.

Try services like: https://www.mapcoordinates.net/en

If you enter an invalid Latitude/Longitude the map system might crash with a white screen.


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